About our Tours

Our Wine Tours: a unique experience for wine lovers

In the 1980s the Club began a series of highly successful wine tours.  Since then, our members have visited producers in the Loire, Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Portugal, the Rhone, Alsace, the Mosel, Northern Italy and Spain.

We organise a tour every two years.  These visits enable members to meet the growers who supply The Wine Society, to sample their wines and to enjoy the traditional food and hospitality of the region. Usually, a buyer from The Wine Society accompanies the tour to add additional insight, along with a tour manager, making them a rare opportunity for the wine lover.

Members can, of course, bring their partner or guest to enjoy the tour with them.

Where tours are oversubscribed, a ballot for places is held. Preference is given to members in accordance with the level of support they have shown for regular Club events in the intervening two years.

Piedmont vineyard     Piedmont vineyard
Our Piedmont Tour 2014