The Wine Society Dining Club

Hosting Fine Wine Dinners and Tastings in London since 1950. Offering members and their guests the chance to enjoy mature wines in great company.

Who we are

We are a club of wine lovers, passionate about sharing great wine with friends. London is a city full of wine bars and tastings. We offer something different. The club has been carefully selecting and cellaring great wine for decades. This means we can offer our members the opportunity to drink matured fine wines at their peak, many of which are no longer commercially available. To get an idea of the pedigree of our cellar, you can take a look at our reserves list here.

We are driven by the enjoyment of sharing fine wines accompanied by good food, discussing the experience with other wine lovers. We are not wine merchants. We generally buy wine on release and cellar it until it is ready to share with our membership at tastings or dinners. We also buy wines for specialist tastings to ensure our members have the opportunity to taste a good variety across the year.

The Club was founded in 1950 by members of The Wine Society to arrange tastings  and dinners with matured fine wines from The Society (and elsewhere), aged to perfection at The Society’s cellars. Back then, large scale tastings were far less common than today. We maintain a unique opportunity to taste wines which most of us would not have the space or patience to mature at home.

Join the Club

We are an inclusive club with a wine offering normally only available in the most exclusive of locations.  We would love you to come to a tasting or dinner as a guest, get involved and eventually join our Club, should it suit you. The only requirement is that you are a member of The Wine Society.  We welcome new members, whether or not you know existing members. You are welcome to attend one event as a guest before committing to membership.

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