Get Involved

Come to an event and find out more

We are an inclusive club with a wine offering normally only available in the most exclusive of locations.  We would love you to come to a tasting or dinner as a paying guest, get involved and then join our Club, should it suit you. There's no need to have any specialist wine knowledge. 

If you already know a Club member, they can invite you to an event as their guest.  Guests pay a slightly higher price for events than members.

We welcome new members, whether or not you know existing members. If you need help getting proposed and elected to the membership, just ask. Our one condition is that you are or become a member of The Wine Society. You will need your Wine Society Share Number to join us. If you are a wine lover who is not already a member of The Wine Society, now is the time to put that right.

To join the Club's mailing list and be eligible to attend your “trial event”, you need to complete an application for membership.  

There is no need to pay the joining fee or subscription until you are sure you want to join. 

We are confident you will want to join after attending your first event. At that point, we can arrange a proposer for you if no one has yet offered. You pay the joining fee and subscription only once you've confirmed that membership is right for you.