About Us

About the Dining Club

Since 1950, the Wine Society Dining Club has been hosting tastings and dinners for the enjoyment of fine, matured wines with like-minded oenophiles.  Our aim is that members gain improved appreciation of the finer qualities of the wines we drink, leading to enhanced enjoyment and wine knowledge.  We couldn't have put it better than the late Michael Broadbent MW.

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures."

Our collection of  fine wines is our primary asset. The Club buys fine wines during opening and “en primeur” offers.  We then cellar these wines until they are ready to drink. This can often be many years, and wines frequently appreciate in value during this time.

Members benefit from this process of buying wine on release with a much later drinking window.  Event costs can be considerably less than the current market value of the wines offered.  Dinner and tasting fees allow us to purchase replacement wines today for events in the years ahead.

Please visit the Wine Reserves section to see the current stock in the Club’s cellar.

Our link to The Wine Society

The Wine Society Dining Club was founded in 1950 by members of The Wine Society. The Club remains affiliated to The Wine Society, the source of the majority of the wines we drink. A buyer from The Wine Society accompanies our wine tours, bringing a unique insight to members and their guests.

As such, membership of The Wine Society is a prerequisite to membership of the Dining Club.  If you are not yet a member of  The Wine Society, visit www.thewinesociety.com for information on how to join and benefit from their extensive, keenly priced wine offering.