WSDC Event - An ABC of Australian Wines

What: An ABC of Australian Wines  
When: 10 Jul 19 ,18:30 -20:30
Where: Carlton Club SW1A 1PJ map
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A sit-down, tutored tasting with food led by Matthew Jukes

Australia, a land of contrasts, courage and the destination of the Prisoners of his Majesty by transportation which started on the 13th of May 1787 and petered out in 1840.  Hence PoMs.  DH Lawrence at the end of chapter VII of his 1923 novel “Kangaroo”, composed after only a three month stay in the country, writes:

A Pommy is a newcomer in Australia from the Old Country…. Pommy is supposed to be short for pomegranate. Pomegranate pronounced invariably pommygranate, is a near enough rhyme to immigrant, in a naturally rhyming country.  Furthermore, immigrants are known in their first few months, before their blood ‘thins down’, by their round and ruddy cheeks.  So we are told.  Hence again pomegranate….  Let etymologists be appeased: it is the authorised derivation.

Your secretary knows the Yanks call the Brits: ‘Limeys’, but for good reason.  Pomegranates are not even indigenous to Australia and really do not contain much Vitamin C.  With due respect to DH Lawrence, his is a weak argument as to the origin of the term.  Authority is not always Truth.

Viscount Sydney (1733-1800) was the originator of the plan for the colonization of New South Wales. He envisaged that Australia would be a colony of free citizens and inter alia alcohol free.  This quickly foundered with the importation of rum (even on the first transport ship) and New South Wales, the first of the wine regions, was quickly planted with vines especially in the Hunter Valley.  From the 1970s so much chardonnay was planted that subsequently the slogan Anything But Chardonnay was oft quoted.

Matthew Jukes is one of the most published, read and respected of wine writers alive today.  He has stocked the cellars of the great and the good (and the not-so-good if you are an Arsenal supporter).  Each year he publishes his Best 100 Australian Wines (although there is bonus of an additional 87 wines) that are available in the UK.  He has picked some of his favourite wines to talk about and for us to taste with food (more than at the last sit-down at the Carlton Club). He has also given Dining Club Members a discount code for his really excellent and deeply informative wine site  The code is WSDC50.  This is entered at ‘checkout’ when buying a Membership and it will give everyone a 50% discount.

The wines we will be tasting include:




These wines are all from the Wine Society and Matthew is currently sourcing the remaining six or seven – or perhaps more – wines for the evening.  The full list will be on the table on the evening and I can guarantee from the tasting he held at Australia House at the end of May (one of the many bonuses of being the Hon Sec), that the wines are special. 

Bread, cheese, rillettes, grapes, figs and more will accompany.

Tony Wright, Honorary Secretary

Dress Code: Jacket and tie.

Guests: £65
Members: £60

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