WSDC Event - Leoville Barton Dinner

What: Leoville Barton Dinner Event Sold Out  
When: 15 Oct 18 ,19:00 -22:30
Where: Painters' Hall EC4V 2AD map
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Guest Speaker: Lilian Barton Sartorius

Many documents, wanted and unwanted, pass across the Secretary’s desk.  The promotion documents for solar powered torches for speleologists, for example, quickly meet their end in the shredder - but recently several notices caught my eye.  The first was from a wine merchant who in the past used to weigh their customers before they allowed them to buy wine.  They are advertising dinners in their own cellars with their own wines for at least £295 and a tasting of only twelve wines for £105.  Then came a call for a four-course dinner in Mayfair with a Piedmont star, not to be confused with lady Gaga, tasting his own wine for £500.  Finally, an invitation to a Robert Parker tasting menu in New York for $4000 (excluding fares and accommodation) with enough wine to give you instant Korsakoff’s syndrome.  These make your Dining Club’s prices look really very reasonable, especially as we have a vineyard legend as our speaker and because we have to replace the wines we drink from our reserves with wines of a quality that will be drinking well for the next generation of members.  

And so to Bordeaux.  As you walk across the road – the D2 as it passes through St Julien – and then underneath the limestone arch and into the cobbled courtyard that houses the oak fermenting vats and cellars on the right-hand side, it seems unusual that the arch is engraved with the words: Château Langoa then underneath – Leoville Barton. 

If you keep on through the black iron gates at the far side of the courtyard into the garden of the chateau, you end up in a tranquil, classic place that has been part of the home of the Barton family since 1821 when Hugh Barton purchased the property.  It was not until 1826 that a portion of the Leoville Estate was acquired hence the reworking of the inscription above the entry arch.  Here are made some of the wines that we continue to appreciate at the Dining Club, not only because they typify consistently good Claret, but also because of the ethos of the Barton Family to keep their prices realistic and approachable when others around are responding to the market.  The estate passed through several generations until Anthony Barton (sixth generation) invested heavily in modernisation and the winery is now run by his daughter Lilian and her children Melanie and Damien.  We are fortunate to have Lilian to talk about The Barton Estate and the wines we have together chosen for the dinner.

We start with Charles Heidsieck NV Champagne that we have aged in the Society cellars for four years.

Then Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 2013 to go with salmon parfait, smoked salmon and caviar dressing.  Olivier Bernard – who drives his Porsche slowly and his Bentley quickly and has a robotic lawnmower with the character of R2D2– is supported by Ann, his remarkable wife, and produces this mix of sauvignon blanc 80% and semillon 20%.  This wine has the potential for a long life so we will drink some now and the rest of our stock in five or ten years when it will have changed into a rich, sweet, mango/pineapple-luscious wine.

Then three vintages of Leoville Barton: 1996, 1999 and 2004 to accompany lamb cooked two ways.  Lilian Sartorius Barton is best placed to describe her delicious wines.

To accompany a pistachio and brioche pudding with vanilla Anglaise we will luxuriate in 2001 Château Suduiraut.  Pierre Pascaud produced a remarkable wine that year which  should last for decades.  We have enough to try now and again in a decade.  So do not relinquish your membership and keep coming to the dinners.

- Tony Wright, Honorary Secretary

Dress code: Black tie

Guests: £210
Members: £195

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