WSDC Event - Chateau Margaux Dinner

What: Chateau Margaux Dinner Event Sold Out  
When: 01 May 12 ,19:00 -22:30
Where: The Drapers’ Hall EC2N 2DQ map
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This is the 250th Dinner of the Wine Society's Dining Club, and therefore is something to celebrate. We are going to do it with some style, though I say it myself. Wonderful wines in a splendid venue with Sebastian Payne, who is now enjoying a little bit of retirement. Château Margaux wines are investment grade these days, we cannot afford to replace them, so this event is probably a 'one-off'. Seize the opportunity to enjoy the forethought of those who went before.

We have been to the Drapers' Hall before, and if you have not, please prepare to be impressed.

Sebastian has been the Society's buyer of Bordeaux (and other) wines for many years, and has a reputation and knowledge to be envied.

You will go upstairs to the Court Room, where our first wine is The Wine Society's Champagne NV, and you will discover that if you give such a wine 'bottle-age' i.e. keep it a while, you can really enjoy such an apéritif. Purchased five years ago, the grapes of the 2002 vintage will have more flavour and intensity than a similar wine which is made and sold as quickly as possible. You don’t have to drink champagne immediately...

Into the Livery Hall, a wonderful setting, for our first wine at dinner, Château Margaux Pavillon Blanc 2004, made from 100% sauvignon, the summer of that year enabled a slow ripening, giving aroma, finesse, balance and length. New Zealand it is not! Eight years old, and still very young.

Our first red wine is Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux 2000, the second wine from this château, using grapes from a very good vintage which were not selected for the main wine. It has complexity and weight, although the tannins may have receded. Not expected to last as well as a first wine.

Going back a decade, then, to Château Margaux 1990, which is 'very pure, refreshing, delicate and ethereal'. It will have fragrance and lift, yet despite the apparent lightness of this wine, one can expect these qualities to still be there in twenty years time.

Please enjoy the opportunity to try Château Margaux 1983, still developing, it has a rich and mature bouquet, long and balanced to taste. The words 'feminine' and 'classic’' are frequently used to describe this wine, and is typical of this château.

Our last wine of the evening is from a different country, Portugal in fact. Fonseca 1977 is one of the oldest wines in the Dining Club's reserves, and here we have a port with good depth of fruit, very full on the nose and palate, rich and concentrated. I hope you enjoy it while Sebastian makes his concluding remarks, and answers any questions which you may have.

Dress Code: Black Tie

Dates for the Diary:
19th June: Club AGM
November: Vieux Château Certan dinner

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Vintages available from The Wine Society:
Fonseca Port, 1970