Typically the Club holds four dinners each year. A Claret dinner is held in the Autumn and a Burgundy dinner in the New Year.

Generally an expert speaker attends each dinner to comment on the wines and answer questions. Often the speaker will be a grower or merchant who may provide some special wines for the occasion.

Usually six or seven wines, including an aperitif, are presented at each dinner. The menu is carefully chosen to complement the wines being shown.

Tickets are priced so that the event breaks even, with an allowance for the cost of replacing the wines used with wines of comparable quality so as to maintain the integrity of the Club’s Reserves. Members are entitled to a discount on the price of their own ticket

The venues used are normally Livery Halls in the City and Clubs in Central London.

The dress code is designated for each event; some being black tie evenings whilst for others lounge suits or smart casual is appropriate.

Date/ Time Event Dress Code Location Members Guests